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The movie is not this artsy.

The movie is not this artsy.

It’s midterm week, and let’s just say I’m not taking it well.  I’m writing this to you midway through a vintage, 2005-quality Sack Dadcock all-nighter during which far more time has been devoted to the #16 class in the country than my Business Ethics class.  It’ll all be over soon, though, and with all the more enthusiasm will I raise my sMUG of brew.

This week’s selection comes from his smugness the Rode Dog, who fondly remembered sneaking into his very first R-Rated movie.  I got worked up just watching the trailer.  Made ya look!  This is the real one, which actually is sweet and doesn’t involve the oh-so-hatable winner of the pussy lottery.  Basically We’ve got an early-’90s reverse John Q situation with the best Batman ever (certainly in terms of anger management) and the only guy who earned his paycheck for Godfather III.  What’s not to love?
Let’s not take a fucking minute, let’s go again,

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