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Get running, meathead.  



Get running, meathead.

When “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” hit the airwaves, any dystopia became less far fetched.  Who are we as a generation when a live act that can make nerds dance decides to back the worst SNL cast member since Jim Breuer (and to do it on their own dime!).

As far as dystopias go, The Running Man doesn’t disappoint.  In an unexpected twist for an action movie, Arnold is framed. He has the choice between life improsonment and a sick, depraved game show where he will likely be murdered on live television by any number of washed up American Gladiators.

I think the episodic, stage-by-stage, video game-esque progression is an underused format in movies.  It sure as hell worked for The Warriors, and I have an inkling it’s gonna work for Arnold.



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