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You've gotta hand it to their marketing department.

You've gotta hand it to their marketing department.

So you’re young Patrick Swayze.  You’re the king of Smalltown High in Podunk, USA.  You spend your days tough-guying around with your little bro Chuck, and chumming it up with Mrs. McFly and Ferris’ sister.  

Then shit gets real.  

Paratroopers come and mow down your trig class with machine guns.  Somehow, tanks are everywhere and you’re on the run.  But what better way to take down a Soviet invasion than 8 annoying kids with guns and RPGs?

Red Dawn is an undeniable classic.  The early scenes of the invasion are riveting, the acting is terrible, and the script just won’t quit.  On the down side, it goes on too long, once La Résistance begins it’s pretty repetitive, and as much as I like watching Wolverines fail, the slow death of the gang is a little depressing.  That said, this movie brings so much to the table, I can’t fault it for licking a few dinner rolls.


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