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Keanu Capulet meets Patrick Montague.  



Keanu Capulet meets Patrick Montague.

The word “bromance” gets thrown around an awful lot these days.  Apparently, some out there think it means just any ol’ friendship that is pretty close.  This is a mistake.  For it to be a true bromance, there has to be some ambiguity.  There have to be awkward moments.  The bubbling undercurrent of homoerotic tension has to be ever-present.  Without it, you’ve just got bros, no mance.

Which brings me to this week’s pick, Point Break.  Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze really pushed the established limits in 1995 of hetero-hetero love in this one.  Keanu goes undercover to infiltrate Swayze’s surfing/skydiving/bank-robbing ring.  He gets in, but perhaps too deep, and feelings get in the way.  Sure, there’s probably some ’90s-hot love interest, but we all know what’s going on here.  A cop and a criminal.  Forbidden love.  And plenty of Gary Busey.



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