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The flash and the 'stache

The flash and the 'stache

I was first introduced to Danny Glover’s mustache (then worn as part of a goatee) in The Royal Tenenbaums, a movie that, despite walking the edge of the hipster grand canyon, never falls in and stays funny til the last drop.  Glover is so quiet, understated, and calm in that movie that I couldn’t believe he had once been an action hero.  After catching LW2 on cable, though, it’s hard to see Danny otherwise.

This movie (and the rest of the series) hits every buddy-cop cliche, and how!  The first time we see Mel Gibson in LW1, he’s impersonating Kurt Russell from Tango & Cash.  Waking up in a crappy trailer, he lights a cig and washes his mouth out with a Coors while crying into the photo of his dead wife.  (Not that there’s anything believable about these movies, but that always pisses me off.  There’s always some tough-guy cop who eats burgers, smokes butts, and drinks 12 beers a night, yet is ripped.  I think this concept launched a generation of fat white guys.)  Glover, we learn from an awkward scene where his family ambushes him naked in the tub (no bubbles, just a 17-year-old daughter checking out daddy’s junk through the ripples) to sing him happy birthday, has a beautiful family, nice house, boat and lives a clean life.

By LW2, Gibson is clean, and even has a rebound bang with a hot blonde.  Though they make it out alive from the classic bad-guys-shoot-1,563-bullets-and-miss-while-good-guy-kills-them-with-one-shot-each attack, she, too is murdered, apparently by the same guy who offed Wife #1.  20 minutes later, though, it’s all smiles as they’ve shot the last of the bad guys, because who needs due process?

This movie has some great stuff.  South African bad guys who invoke diplomatic immunity, lots of the rolling-and-shooting maneuver, Glover lacking volume control, Mel Gibson’s blow-dried locks, and an amazingly 80s-hot blonde.  I give it 4 rib tips (out of 5).


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