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Steven the garbage man.

Steven the garbage man.

I own two movie posters: Hoop Dreams (the greatest movie of all time), and Out For Justice.  Of the Four Great Steven Seagal Movies, it’s the one that gives me the most joy.  Sure, Under Siege is pretty much a perfect movie, and I’ve watched it at least 20 times.  Sure, Hard to Kill and Above The Law both bring their share of awesome fights, awkward sex scenes, and hilarious chill sequences.  But to me, Seagal hit his peak exactly two movies before he became a self parody.  

Out for Justice brings it from the very start and doesn’t quit until Seagal kicks the dog hater in the nuts.  The Italian-American “accent” employed throughout by Steven makes Al Pacino’s nonsense in Scarface sound authentic.  The key piece of evidence is a pornographic photo of Seagal’s murdered best friend cheating on his wife, and they’re literally smiling for the camera.  Gina Gershon has a cameo as the classic ornery-sex-worker-who-gets-talked-into-helping-the-good-guys, and that dude from Law & Order with the eyebrows fits in there somewhere.  

But to me, the best part is that we’re dealing with the best version of Seagal ever here.  He hadn’t gotten fat yet, and wasn’t afraid to let the guns breathe.  He had been in enough movies to start being joky and whimsical, but not yet annoying and preachy.  And best of all, he still moved well enough to do lots of great fight scenes, especially the two classic set-ups: the butcher shop and the bar.

Out For Justice brings all the stuff we love about Steven Seagal’s career with none of the shittiness of his direct-to-DVD crap.  Grab a brew, chow on some tips, put it on, and you’ll go to bed with a smile.


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